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US-2010183814-A1: Silicone compositions, methods of manufacture, and articles formed therefrom patent, US-2014019577-A1: Intelligent edge caching patent, US-2010085607-A1: Method of encoding coding pattern patent, US-2010284528-A1: Ringtone enhancement systems and methods patent, US-2013099069-A1: Modular Boom Mounting System for Agricultural Sprayer patent, US-2011165829-A1: Automotive vehicle and method for operating climate system of same patent, US-2013149955-A1: Barometric relief air zone damper patent, US-2010311494-A1: Amusement device including means for processing electronic data in play of a game of chance patent, US-2010046177-A1: Enclosure assembly housing at least one electronic board assembly and systems using same patent, US-2010319629-A1: Structure and method for entertaining a feline patent, US-2010213888-A1: Apparatus and Method Pertaining to Light-Based Power Distribution in a Vehicle patent, US-2014324164-A1: Techniques for percutaneous mitral valve replacement and sealing patent, US-2010073160-A1: Alerting users using a multiple state status icon patent, US-2011196457-A1: Device for uv photo-therapy patent, US-2011022073-A1: Balloon with rigid tube for occluding the uterine artery patent, US-2010219641-A1: Harvesting energy from vehicular vibrations patent, US-2010095332-A1: System and method for controlling media rendering in a network using a mobile device patent, US-2011074733-A1: Interface apparatus for touch input and tactile output communication patent, US-2010145285-A1: Multi-lumen catheter configuration patent, US-2011022175-A1: Insertion guide for a spinal implant patent, US-2010072799-A1: Conforming back for a seating unit patent, US-2010117588-A9: Motor controller system and method for maximizing energy savings patent, US-2010135625-A1: Reduced-Diameter Ribbon Cables with High-Performance Optical Fiber patent, US-2010160368-A1: Methods of Treating Dermatological Disorders and Inducing Interferon Biosynthesis With Shorter Durations of Imiquimod Therapy patent, US-2010263057-A1: System and method for managing transfer of rights using shared state variables patent, US-2010284421-A1: Closed-Loop Clock Synchronization patent, US-2010300675-A1: Permeability flow balancing within integral screen joints patent, US-2011015589-A1: Disposable therapeutic device patent, US-2011145102-A1: Methods and systems for initiating application processes by data capture from rendered documents patent, US-2014074707-A1: Personalized mobile banking transactions patent, US-2010049004-A1: Metabolic energy monitoring system patent, US-2010268297-A1: Duodenal Stimulation To Induce Satiety patent, US-2011075241-A1: Interferometric display with interferometric reflector patent, US-2011080318-A1: Determining A Dilution of Precision Metric Using Two or Three GPS Satellites patent, US-2011119500-A1: Saving and retrieving data based on public key encryption patent, US-2010154124-A1: Hospital bed computer system patent, US-2011054575-A1: Methods and Apparatus for Regional and Whole Body Temperature Modification patent, US-2011092193-A1: Method, System and Computer Readable Medium for Addressing Handling from an Operating System patent, US-2011191183-A1: Method and apparatus for managing prepaid user initiated advertiser content printing operation at a customer site patent, US-2013080241-A1: Redeeming coupons using nfc patent, US-2010057085-A1: Surgical grasping device patent, US-2010069265-A1: System and method for processing large number of biological microarrays patent, US-2010270257-A1: Medicine Bottle Cap With Electronic Embedded Curved Display patent, US-2011226851-A1: Method of interacting with substrate in cursor and hyperlinking modes patent, US-2011000950-A1: Methods and apparatus having bowstring-like staple delivery to a target tissue patent, US-2010104357-A1: Mechanical reinforcing bar coupler based on bar deformations patent, US-2010152418-A1: Switch-Peptides as Tool for the Study of Fibrillogenesis patent, US-2010240760-A1: Biomarkers for Efficacy of Aliskiren as a Hypertensive Agent patent, US-2010254266-A1: Low power consumption real-time wireless data transmitting method patent, US-2010286220-A1: HNF4alpha ANTAGONISTS AND METHODS OF USE patent, US-2011009748-A1: Transperineal prostate biopsy system and methods patent, US-2011254648-A1: Movable transformer embedded into an opening of a pcb and a method of installing the same patent, US-2011307494-A1: Scoring Nodes in a Directed Graph with Positive and Negative Links patent, US-2012003518-A1: Galvanic electrochemical cells utilizing taylor vortex flows patent, US-2012054558-A1: Method and system for a non-hierarchical trace system using a hierarchical control interface patent, US-2012064544-A1: Methods of Diagnosing Hypophosphatemic Disorders patent, US-2012087408-A1: Method and system for improving compressed image chroma information patent, US-2012096524-A1: Method and system for fast access to advanced visualization of medical scans using a dedicated web portal patent, US-2012097887-A1: High thermal conductivity metal matrix composites patent, US-2012116730-A1: Absolute nuclear material assay using count distribution (lambda) space patent, US-2012178982-A1: Process for preparing an alkylate patent, US-2012180930-A1: Roll of optical film laminate, and method and system for manufacturing the same patent, US-2012219313-A1: Image forming apparatus patent, US-2012237498-A1: 4-1bb binding molecules patent, US-2012246345-A1: Techniques for indicating a passive state for a device patent, US-2012261140-A1: Devices for reducing ball impact into ball seats and methods of reducing ball impact into ball seats patent, US-2012268844-A1: Magnetic recording head and magnetic recording apparatus patent, US-2012276614-A1: Process for producing poxviruses and poxvirus compositions patent, US-2012277468-A1: Titanium-silicalite molecular sieve, method for preparing the same and method for preparing cyclohexanone oxime using the molecular sieve patent, US-2012281765-A1: Motion compensating apparatus patent, US-6051757-A: Regeneration of plants containing genetically engineered T-DNA patent, US-2012295931-A1: Spiroindoline compounds for use as anthelminthics patent, US-2012305783-A1: Photomultiplier tube with integrated fast analog-to-digital conversion for event derandomizer and digital time stamping patent, US-2012314763-A1: Methods And Systems For Providing Bandwidth Adjustment patent, US-2012317435-A1: Apparatus for detecting presence or absence of oscillation of clock signal patent, US-2012319106-A1: Semiconductor device and manufacturing method the same patent, US-2012324854-A1: Self-Leveling Four-Bar Linkage for Suspending a Header of an Agricultural Implement patent, US-2012330958-A1: Regularized Latent Semantic Indexing for Topic Modeling patent, US-2013008853-A1: Web comprising fine fiber and reactive, adsorptive or absorptive particulate patent, US-2013059537-A1: Voltage overshoot protection patent, US-2013067745-A1: Pinion disassembly tool and method patent, US-2013085871-A1: Browser based composition interface for tags linkable by webpages patent, US-2013098448-A1: Conjugated Polymers and Their Use in Optoelectronic Devices patent, US-2013111171-A1: Storage apparatus and data management method patent, US-2013125358-A1: Method for reducing self discharge in an electrochemical cell patent, US-2013146512-A1: Orienting device/apparatus and orienting method patent, US-2013152850-A1: Method and apparatus for monitoring and controlling crystal growth, and probe system patent, US-2013157596-A1: Method for Transmitting a Signal Below a Current Transmit Power in a Network patent, US-2013189305-A1: Methods of producing inflenza vaccine compositions patent, US-2013203960-A1: Mcr dendrimers patent, US-2013222052-A1: Linear voltage regulator generating sub-reference output voltages patent, US-2013225387-A1: Separation container and separation method patent, US-2013237812-A1: Appliance for an Electromagnetic Spectrum Sensor Monitoring an Intravascular Infusion patent, US-2013262475-A1: Prioritizing Tasks patent, US-2013265153-A1: Apparatus and method for shock or impact detection in movement of cargo, operation of equipment, and other environments patent, US-2013273471-A1: Low Melt Toner patent, US-2013292972-A1: Heater for an automotive vehicle and method of forming same patent, US-2013322173-A1: Configurable module and memory subsystem patent, US-2013328012-A1: Light emitting diode structure utilizing zinc oxide nanorod arrays on one or more surfaces, and a low cost method of producing such zinc oxide nanorod arrays patent, US-2013331275-A1: Kits for detecting ribonucleic acid patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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